MAXITEC started in 1997 as a local Point of Presence (POP) for Interlink - one of the first Internet Service Providers (ISP's) in South Africa to supply commercial, dial-up services to consumers. The opportunity arose to obtain full control of the local POP when Interlink sold its client base to M-Web, a few years later. From this humble start, the company has grown to become a fully fledged, National ISP, providing premier services to a broad range of customers anywhere in South Africa.

Identify your needs

We offer a variety of premade websites packages and also offer custom quotes. Below are some examples of the types of websites we create, their uses and in what medium they are created. HTML/CSS websites are custom coded and cannot be updated by the client without learning coding. WordPress websites allow anyone to update the website with minimal training

  1. One-Page Website
    A one page website is perfect for businesses who are just starting up or if you merely want to have an online presence. You can always add more pages at a later stage. This package can be created in HTML/CSS or WordPress
  2. Small Website Package
    Up to 5 pages. This website is useful for websites who want a better online presence and to display more information. This package can be created in HTML/CSS or WordPress.
  3. Medium Website Package
    This package allows for up to 15 pages. This website is recommended for intermediate-size businesses who offer different services. This package can be created in HTML/CSS or WordPress.
  4. Large Website Package
    This package consists of 15+ pages. This is perfect for a business listing or directory website where users can either create their own listings or send the website owners the information and they can add it. This package can be created in HTML/CSS or WordPress.
  5. E-commerce Website Package
    E-commerce websites allow for the selling of products online and receiving payment for them via EFT or online payments. This package can only be created in WordPress.

Once you have decided on the type of website you want you can choose the name of the domain.